Vintage chalkboard DIY

On this fine Anzac day public holiday, with the kidlets working furiously on assignments due at school tomorrow (of course, they wouldn't dream of doing them ahead of time) I decided a quick and easy DIY project was the perfect way to spend the morning. So with my new favourite toy, my airless spray gun at the ready, I whipped this old vintage frame into shape. I still had the old backing board, so it was one of the quickest makeovers I think I've ever done.

Now, to make it even more functional,  I added some little hooks to the bottom of the frame. I'm on the lookout for some antique keys to display, but for now it will do double duty as a key rack.

had to show you my handbag keyring - isn't it cute?

Now, here's a little tip. You really don't need to use chalkboard paint; artists' acrylic works just as well. The only thing to remember is that the paint needs to be very matte, if it has the slightest shine to it the chalk won't adhere properly. Here I used a mid grey which gives an aged appearance, although the colour looks quite a bit darker in my photos.

 Jo Sonja or Matisse paints are my choice for this job

Here are some befores...

..and after.
all images by me - sorry about the rubbish quality - I definitely need a new camera (or maybe just some talent in the photographic department)

Not bad for about an hour's work, huh? Quick, easy and gorgeous - my favourite kind of makeover.

While I was tinkering with this little project, I came accross a few treasures I'd forgotten all about, stashed away in the dark depths of my shed. I can't wait to get started, my only problem is I have too many ideas and not enough hours in the day!

p.s. this little makeover is a part of the Sunday Showcase Party here, so pop in and see some of the other fantastic projects on show.

Enjoy your weekend,

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