Dive on in...

When we bought our house, the inground pool was a major selling point. With three kids, and the kind of sweltering summers we have here in Queensland, it's definitely had a workout over the years. Lately, it's been looking very tired, and we've had leaking pipes, broken pool pumps and filters, tiles falling off....you name it. This winter, we've had yet another leak, and at the moment it looks more like a swamp than a pool! So, we've decided to bite the bullet and give the old girl a bit of cosmetic surgery. New coping pavers, waterline tiles to replace the slate, and re-landscaping the pool area is on the cards, and not before time, I can tell you! One of the advantages of living on acreage is that we have space to play with, but it also can pose a few challenges - like where to put the mandatory safety fencing. Take a look at a few of my inspiration pics - and if my pool makeover looks half as good as some of these beauties, I'll be a very happy camper!

paint these beams white and you have the perfect outdoor fireplace

this is a similar pool to ours - and that little poolhouse would be perfect!

sandstone surrounds maybe?

Now that weekend sport is done for the rest of the year, (after my daughter's nail-biting one-point win in her netball grand final - nothing like giving your parents a heart attack in the process!) we'll have a bit more time to spend on getting this house into shape. Can't wait!

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