One gorgeous home...two ways

Over the past few weeks I've been trying (rather unsuccessfully I might add) to cull some of my stash of magazines, and in the process I found these pics of one of my favourite homes. This house originally belonged to artist Marcella Kaspar and her builder/designer husband Mark Cooper, and was featured in Vogue Living magazine. I loved it from the outset, with its beautiful old frangipani and Marcella's stunning artwork:

what a way to wake up every morning

stunning seascpes take centre stage in the main living area

the curtains are divine, as are Marcella's signature peony paintings

Fast forward a few years, and fashion icon Maggie Tabberer is the new owner, making a few changes in the decor department:

Maggie enlisted friend Pam Makin of Les Interieurs to collaborate on the new interior design scheme

Maggie's style is a little more 'designed' perhaps?

new artwork, bedside tables and curtains in the main bedroom

So, I'd love to know what you think - which style do you prefer? Honestly, I'd be more than happy with either!

images 1-5 photography Simon Kenny, content agency and Vogue Living magazine
images 6-11 photography Michelle Holden via Australian Womens Weekly

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