White vs. Colour

I'm sure by now you're all aware of my love for white - I like nothing better than a clean canvas on which to layer artwork, fabric and texture. But as an artist, I adore colour, and every so often I'll come across an image that makes me question my whitewashing ways. Huka Lodge is an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous holiday retreat, and the dramatic colour scheme here is truly inspired. Of course, it helps when the natural landscape is so breathtaking, and the white woodwork really makes the teal pop:

Now, these next pics are perfect examples of how a similar room will look with a neutral colour scheme:

oh, I love this one too

  ...and the ceiling - divine

Did you notice that, although the colours are dramatic, they've been taken from the natural landscape, so they complement their setting perfectly - interior design at its best. I'm thinking that this gorgeous teal may be my new favourite winter accent colour. Oh, and another thing - wouldn't this be the perfect location for an international blogging convention? 

Enjoy your day everyone,

all images courtesy hukalodge.co.nz

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