Beach house dreaming

After spending a great day at the beach on Wednesday, we came home filled with thoughts of a move to the coast. Of course, the crew would love it, but after growing up on acreage, I think a move to suburbia, beach or no beach, would be quite a shock to the system. But I just may have found the perfect compromise - a house in beautiful Noosa, on half an acre, complete with everything a family with teenagers could want. Space, pool, location, and best of all (as far as I'm concerned) - a whitewashed home full of character.

with a bit of zhusing, this could be stunning

 ...complete with art/design studio

...oh look, here I am on the beach

Not bad, hey? I think I could handle it!

Oh, and thanks everyone for the birthday wishes - my daughter is chuffed you all took the time to comment. She's taken to surfing like the proverbial duck to water, and can't wait to head back again. Looks like we'll be spending quite a bit of time at the beach these school holidays!

Have a great weekend everyone,

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