A dream bathroom that's a dream to clean

One of my dearest friends is building a new home, on a gorgeous forty-acre block with views to die for. We've had a fantastic time choosing colours and finishes, and I'm really looking forward to seeing it all come together. One of the most clever design features used in this project is the use of the solid surface material Staron throughout. Many of you would be familiar with its use as a kitchen benchtop, but they've taken it one step further. For those of you who, like me, absolutely hate the thought of cleaning miles of grout, take a look at this:

 a seamless shower using solid surface - no grout to clean ever!

This shower is fully lined in Staron solid surface. It can be routed to mimic tiles, as it has been here, but the best part - no grout! The walls and floor are fully integrated, with nice clean lines, and it's non-porous, so it resists mould.

all images courtesy austaron.com.au

They're also using Staron for their bathroom vanities and kitchen benchtop, and the beauty here is that the sink and counter surface are actually one piece, moulded to suit the space. So clever.

I'm really looking forward to keeping you up-to-date on this project over the coming months, and it's given me some great ideas for my own renovation plans. Our ensuite is seriously overdue for a makeover, and I'm now thinking of using Staron in the shower, and pairing it with some other little tricks to give me the look I'm after. Up until now, most of the bathrooms I've seen using this material have been very contemporary, but I'm thinking of using it in a slightly different way. That's all I can say for now, but I promise to let you in on all the details very soon.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, 

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