Sweet Girl's Room

So I thought I would share with you what my daughter's room looks like right now.  It has the plain, boring, builder grade beige walls and no character.  Right now all the furniture is laid out around the outside of the room to give her room to play in the center.  I've been trying to re-arrange furniture in my head to see if this is the best possible layout for her.

Her bedding is from our previous house and will have to be changed out.  Not sure if I want to keep the shelving unit that attaches to the bed and do a separate shelf for her books and stuffed animals.  I thought about changing her bed so that the headboard is against the wall.  But with doing that she will lose floor space in the center.  I'll be adding some sort of art above the bed.  Maybe her name.

Her one light source is the lamp that I now hate.  It does light the room pretty well but I'm not feeling the look anymore.  It got pretty beat up during the move.  The previous owners didn't have overhead light installed in the secondary bedrooms so I'll have to get creative.  It's not in the budget right now to have lights professionally added.  You can see the doors to her attached bathroom and closet.

Yes, her tv is on the floor!  We got rid of her old tv stand before we moved in this house and I haven't found anything to match yet.  I like the idea of her having an art center so I'll probably keep the table and add some chairs and art supplies.  The window is big and bare so it's a must for some curtains or maybe even a cornice board.  The dresser, like the rest of her furniture, is white (and will be staying that way, I think).  Trying to figure out a way to add something above it so that corner isn't so plain. 

This is the wall that's going to give me the most trouble.  It's super long and I need lots of art.  It also has her storage bins and play kitchen.  Would like to move the kitchen to a corner but stumped about which corner.  I want her to have easy access to it since she does actually play with it.

Here's another view of the room but from the window.  Can you see the lean of the lamp?  It must go immediately!!

I want to give my daughter a room she'll enjoy now and can grow into over the next few years.  So I want things that are cute and girly but not baby-ish since she'll have to live with this until she's 18.  Not really.  Maybe.

What do you think?  Got any ideas? 

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