Are You Doing It Yet?

I'm talking about Olioboard.  What were you thinking?  It's a fun way to design rooms without the fuss of moving furniture, buying fabric, and patching walls.  When I started the itch for interior design, I was noticing designers were making these layouts with all the room pieces included.  I started trying to make them on my own using powerpoint.  It wasn't quite as nice as the boards I was seeing around.  I was using Polyvore for some time too before I came across Olioboard.  I found it to be a lot more user friendly and I could include pics of things I already owned.

I have been playing around with design boards for every room in the house now.  It's fun seeing the room elements put together and changing them all over again without commitment.

Here's a board I put together for the family room.

I included the pieces I already have and added some accessories.  I am working on changing the pillows now and hopefully in the near future I can get a nice accent chair to go under the window.

So are you going to try it?  Come on. Be prepared to spend hours in front of your computer.  

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