A Red Front Door

The outside of our home is a combination of brick and siding.  We don't have any shutters so the door and the trim are the pieces that are easily accessible to color changes.  The siding is a beige, the trim is green, and the door is blue.  When we first moved in, I loved the brick but the rest of the house kind of faded into the background.  I knew the exterior could look better with a change of the door color.

The brick has a multitude of colors in it, so I just had to have the right color to make a impact to the exterior.  Since the current blue door was pretty boring I wanted the door to really pop.  Enter the color red.  I've always wanted a red door.

We made a trip to Home Depot.  I didn't realize there were so many shades of red.  I wanted a dark red so that narrowed down a few of my choices.  They had a photo of a green house with a red door posted above the paint swatches.  I loved it on the photo.  With some help from an associate, we found the red used on the photo.  Up close it was sooo not the red I was looking for.  It was way too pink.  We had about five shades narrowed down.  Some too pink, some too bright.  We ended up choosing Cinnamon Cherry by Behr.

I did a quick wipe down of the door to remove the dirt.  I taped off the sides and handles.  No way was I removing those.  I was a little iffy when I first started painting because it was going on really pink.  I applied two coats of paint.  Once dry, I stepped back and.......

Oh yes, this is what I've wanted forever!

See how the red brings out the red tones in the brick.  The blue before was not helping the brick out at all.

 And before... 

I've gone back and added my fall wreath.

So are you feeling the red?  

Also a thanks to Aaron at The Thrifty Abode for sharing my fall wreath on her blog. 

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