Fall Pinterest Finds

I was hearing about this thing called Pinterest.  What?  How can I try it?  I soon learned upon going onto the site that you had to have an invite.  I sent several requests over a span of a few weeks and still nothing.  So I asked one of my fellow bloggers for an invite and she happily sent me one.  Thanks.  I can't get enough.  You ladies weren't kidding when you said it was addictive.  Everything I like, I've been pinning.  Before Pinterest I was saving pictures to my computer and if I wanted to find the picture again, I had to search through the website I found the picture on.  With Pinterest, I can pin a picture and the link is stored with it.  How neat is that?

So here are some of my fall favorites while browsing.

Who doesn't like a free printable?  These would be so great in a gallery wall or on a fall mantle.


Fall fashion?  Yes please.

Not so normal pumpkins.  I like that they are not your traditional orange.

A pretty mantle can set the tone of the whole room.

Pinterest is full of so many great ideas and things to try.

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