You Call This An Office?

Since we have two extra bedrooms, we decided to turn the smaller of the two into an office.  Not a whole lot going on right now.  Again, the bare beige walls. 

Pretty boring right?  This desk was from our previous home.  It was downstairs in the living room therefore it needed to be small.  A new desk is on the top of the list.  We are using a piece of cardboard for a makeshift chair mat until a real one is bought.  We didn't want to ruin the carpet with the wheels on the chair. 

There's a window and walk-in closet.

Yep, same lamp from my daughter's room.  After her room was finished, the lamp found itself adopted by another room.  You're thinking poor lamp right?  It'll probably be going to another room once this one is complete.

We've got some work ahead of us.

Office plans:
paint the walls
new desk
shelves above the desk
create a small sitting area
new chair
add a rug
wall art
window treatments

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