Comment-and-Follow Competition

If you're reading this blog and enjoying it, then I'd love for you to either join as a follower or simply post a little comment. Please don't feel shy: your comment doesn't have to be witty or funny or full of sparkling alliteration. It can be as simple as an idea or a suggestion or even an insight of your own. You can even say: "Janelle, I noticed you had a typo in a post back at the end of November." If you can't think of something to say, that's okay. Just join as a follower so I know you're reading.

Everyone who comments or follows goes into a competition to win a book. A gorgeous book. A book so fabulous you won't believe you've won it. Okay, so it's one of my books, so I can't guarantee it will be THAT fabulous. In fact, you can re-gift it if you like. It's Christmas, after all. You can even choose which book you want. I'll draw the winner late next week. And I'll send the book anywhere in the world.

Go on. Join the Library followers. You know you want to!
(PS Those lovely people who are already followers will also go in the running.)

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