Country Life Cover

Last week, a lovely magazine called Yarra Valley and Ranges Country Life magazine published its Summer issue. This is a beautiful magazine that's distributed throughout Melbourne, the Yarra Valley wine region, the Dandenong Ranges and beyond into Gippsland. We often read it because it features achingly beautiful scenes of the countryside, and envy-inducing images of stylish interiors – which are usually far more stylish than ours. So it was rather a shock when the summer issue appeared on the newsstands and our house was on the cover! We thought we might be featured – the Country Life crew had asked to come around and do a little story – but we thought it might be shoved up the back of the magazine, between the Classifieds ads and the Subscription page. Not on the summer cover.

We were so touched, and so impressed by the quality of the shots. The CL crew did a wonderful job of shooting what is, in effect, a half-renovated house. Every week we're overwhelmed by the To Do list for this place, and every week I beg to sell and move back to an apartment in town! But houses take time to settle into, and this Country Life article shows how far we have come. It also brought a little bit of cheer into our life this week. Thank you Country Life. We were very touched.

{PS Will post some "before" and "after" shots of the interior tomorrow. I apologise that the quality of these scans aren't great. It's very late at night here!}

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