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The latest issue of Inside Out magazine has just hit the stands, and one of the homes featured is a lovely white weatherboard in beautiful Palm Beach. It was for sale just recently, and I couldn't wait to get a better look at it in all its glossy glory. If I have a pet peeve, it's a lack of photos in a real estate listing - don't they know how much I love a good stickybeak at pretty houses? Anyway, this house ticks all the boxes as far as I'm concerned - lashings of white inside and out, an artist studio (perfect!), and a self-contained guest wing/teenage retreat - my ideal house. Add to that a killer spot on the Northern Beaches, and it's a hands-down winner.

Loft studio space - to die for

 Open, airy living area, complete with window seat

I really like the breezeway between the main house and the guest wing 

 Luxe bathroom


 Probably my fave part (after the studio, of course) - lovely deck with views to the pool 


Straight to the inspiration file with these. Over the holidays we're getting our ideas together for our rebuild/reno, and these will definitely help with the plan.....along with the other million or so I've gathered over the years. It will be quite hard to distil it down into a design that's just right for us, as there are so many gorgeous options to choose from. I have drawings and plans, sketches and ideas, all of which need to come together. Watch this space for more as it all (hopefully) comes together.

all images courtesy 
and Prue Ruscoe for Inside Out magazine

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