{More} Iconic Ad Campaigns

As a little addendum to the last post, here are few more beautiful ad campaigns from the archive files. I collect these because they're often great inspiration for photographing books, or for writing briefs and shot lists for other photographers when you're commissioning them to shoot books. The Bruno Cucinelli (below) is one of my all-time favourite ad campaigns. I often refer to this when I'm looking for ways to shoot people, particularly families. It's so original, so fresh and fun and full of laughter and life. You could almost believe it was an authentic Italian family getting together for a reunion at their Tuscan villa.

Bruno Cucinelli ad campaign for the cashmere collection (top).

A Ralph Lauren campaign from 2001, featuring Penelope Cruz. This was an inside front cover for Town and Country magazine. Such a beautiful collage of glamorous images. It doesn't even looked staged, thanks to the delightfully haphazard way the images have been placed in the design. It looks more like Penelope's summer photo album.

A GANT by Michael Bastion ad campaign from S/S 2011 (above). GANT never fail to do fabulous ads. I always try and grab a copy of the GANT magazine whenever I'm near one of the stores. They're full of inspiring photography and great articles. It's marketing dressed up as a magazine!

A Chanel ad campaign from S/S 2011. Love the flirty pink dress, the setting and the delicacy of the table set for high tea. This ad was a change for Chanel. Normally Karl likes his ads darker, moodier, more Gothic in tone. {Image via ministryoffashion.co.uk}

A Chanel ad campaign from 1958. © Lillian Bassman: Anne-Saint Marie, NY. {Image via theculturalist.com}

One of the ads for Louis Vuitton’s spectacular celebrity-focused ad campaign. This one features filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola and his daughter Sofia sitting in the sun-kissed countryside of Buenos Aires. The image was shot by Annie Leibovitz. The Louis Vuitton bag is almost overshadowed by this father-and-daughter duo. (NB I'm not sure why Annie Leibovitz and Louis Vuitton took them to Argentina? To me, the Coppolas are always associated with the Napa Valley and Paris, where they have a second home. I think LV should have shot them in Paris or Napa. But that's just my humble little opinion.)

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