What You Can Buy On A Budget Of $650,000...

We have been looking for property. It's a dispiriting thing to do. We thought we had a reasonable budget to spend – around $650,000 or so. (Equivalent to US$650,000) Turns out, $650,000 won't get us much at all. Not in Melbourne.

This is what I have found for $650,000 in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. 

Is there even glass in those windows? Look at that poor plant in the front. Applaudable attempt at gardening there. The curious thing is, someone clever will buy this, fix it up and probably make a profit. But not us. 

Or this one...

It DOES have a little awning... Clap of hands at the decorating effort there. Not sure about all those security grills though. Does this mean the street is... a little dubious? Collingwood IS being hailed as a "hot new area". Could be a good buy? But I just can't get past those security grills... Could someone please straighten that awning on the way out too?

Or this one...

THIS house seems so badly in need of some reno love that the agent has forbidden people to enter. 

Yes, that's right. For $650,000 you can buy a house YOU CAN'T EVEN ENTER! Here's the property copy.

Forthcoming Auction - Land Value Only
Currently uninhabitable four room Victorian semi-detached residence offering huge potential within walking distance of tram, train shops and cafes. Comprises: entry hall, two bedrooms, lounge/dining, kitchen and bathroom. Land 6.5m x 30.3m approx (196sqm approx) with the bonus of rear access via right-of-way. External viewing only.NOTE inspections – the home is in extremely poor order DO NOT ENTER THE PROPERTY!

Now we could have taken our $650,000 and bought...

 This little cutie in our own village. It sold for around $500,000. Which seems cheap, but it was a decent price considering  it was fairly diminutive.

OR we could head overseas – to this. A glam little pad in West Palm Beach Florida. With this, we could have have $150,000 CHANGE left over! For a boat. Or a Mercedes convertible. Or our retirement. We certainly wouldn't need to spend it on the garden.

Or this grand brick residence, in the gracious city of Atlanta, Georgia, for $500,000...

And then there's this lovely home, in Boston, for $499,000... No security grills on the window there.

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