A Couple Of New Chairs

Say hello to some new members of our house.  I had been eying these chairs on Target's website for a while.   

I originally ordered these but once they were assembled and in the room, it was too much blue and not enough contrast.  I returned them and ordered the white ones instead.

I almost didn't get the new chairs because they were always out of stock.  For a couple weeks after Christmas, I was stalking checking everyday to see if they were in stock yet.  I love the mix of colors on them.  They blend perfectly with the rest of the house and will allow me to add more color into the living room.  I used the fretwork pillows from the family room to pull out the blue.

We're thinking of adding a small sofa or love seat to add more weight to this space.  I wanted to go with just the chairs, but they are too small by themselves.  What do you think about a red or blue sofa?  Did you notice the room is painted now?  And yes, we need another area rug. 

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