Are You A "No-reply" Blogger?

I've been going through my inbox and reading all the nice comments on my posts.  I love reading your comments and thanks to all who do leave comments.  I get all comments emailed to me so I don't miss any.  I try to respond to them but there's a problem, I click Reply and the return email address says "".  Is this you?  You don't know?  Let's find out.

Go to your Profile page and click Edit Profile.

The box that says Show My Email Address should be checked.  Also type in the email address you want use for your blog.  Click save and you're done. 

I usually check email on the go and it's easier for me if I can hit reply and send an immediate response to you.  If there is no reply email, I do one of two things: try to search for the person's blog and leave a response on one of her posts or don't reply at all.  It takes a lot of time trying to find the person's email address when I am sorting through other emails and trying to get back to life's other duties.

Please, please update your settings.  You were nice enough to leave me a comment and I want to be nice enough to respond. 


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