Trying Out New Trends

Do you ever see a fashion trend on a celebrity and think "I could pull that off", but when you purchase the item you never seem to find the courage to wear it? This is what happened to me with the headscarf. I see it on other people and I am absolutely IN LOVE with this look. But whenever I put mine on I hesitate for some reason.
I first started noticing this look on the always fashionable Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl (one of my favourite shows, hello Chuck Bass).
These UpperEast Siders wear their headscarves pushed back higher up on their heads, which makes it a bit more preppy.

I also like the way Nicole Richie wears a scarf, over the top of her forehead. It's a hippie inspired look, adding a carefree vibe and ease to her look. She chooses bright and playful prints to add a pop to her neutral attire and finishes the look with a pair of stylish shades.

Another way to wear the headscarf that I really like is to spin it around so the knot or bow is on the front!
I think I'm going to get the courage to wear mine one day soon:
 Do you guys like headscarves? Who do you think wears it best? Have you ever had a trendy item that you've owned and loved but never worn?
Tiffany Leigh

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