Dream House Alphabet: A

A is for Archways

There is something about a house with unique architectural features that appeals to me immensely. Perhaps it’s the character that they add to a space; character that screams: “This house isn’t cookie cutter, IT’S ONE IN A MILLION !”. Perhaps it’s the fact that houses with these kinds of detail are often old…they have a history, they have been called home for many years, and both memories and love are embedded into their walls. Someday I’ll buy one of these old houses, complete with quirky archways, fix it up, and be lucky enough to call it home.
^Love the large scale of this arch, as well as the leaded detail in the upper portion of the windows. Also, isn't the combination of white cabinetry with a dark wood island simply perfect?
^So classic and elegant in it's repetition. The architecture speaks for itself in this space.

^Dark meet light in this masculine, arched space
^ Paint the inside of an arch for an extra pop. 
Adore the use of Tangerine Tango here.

So what do you think? If you had a dream house alphabet, what would YOUR letter 'A' stand for?
xox Tiffany Leigh

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