Dry Erase Menu Board

Young House Love and Bower Power have issued a Pinterest Challenge Winter Edition.  Just the kick in the butt I needed to get some projects on my Project Ideas board done.

We needed a menu board for the kitchen.  Hubby is always asking what's for dinner.  I have it written on my notepad, but I guess it didn't do him any good there.  I pinned this a while back knowing I'd get back to it one day.  Well today is the day.

Is started by printing a chevron background on regular printer paper from here.  Using Word and the font Britannic Bold, I typed a template with menu at the top and my day of the week letters down the side.  I stuck the chevron paper back in the printer and printed the template on top.

Using white paper, I cut rectangles to write the menu items on and taped them down on top.

Put it back in the frame and voila.

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