Geometry Gems

I'm crazy in love with geometry, and I'm not talking math homework here people. No, no, I'm talking about a good geometric print. So contemporary, yet classic. 
I've been on the hunt in my town for a good geometric fabric for a DIY project. Even though this is a huge trend in decor right now, my local fabric stores just don't seem to be catching on.
 I've turned to hunting online for the perfect fabric, using the above photo as my inspiration. I just love it. Designer Fabrics seems to have the a lot of options, and most importantly, it's location is in Toronto only an hour away from my houseThis means I can make some time to visit the store, saving shipping costs and allowing me to touch and see the textiles in person.
Sultana Lattice
Do you like these two options? Or do you think I should do something with some more colour? You all have great taste, and I could use your advice! :)
xox Tiffany Leigh

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