Kiss my Brass Deer

Lately I've been noticing beautiful brass animals in all sorts of decor, but my fave has always been the deer...

via Emily Henderson
(Spot them up there? ^ Looking all glam on the white shelf)
After seeing these images for a few weeks, I had a sudden flashback of a brass deer that we used to have in our home a long time ago. I asked my mom if we still had it kicking around.
And guess what?!

We did! 
Meet Fawn. Walking around with her nose up all snobby and posh. She's completely adorable, completely in need of a serious polish and, most importantly, COMPLETELY MINE (thanks Mom!). I love it when a non-plan comes together. Don't you wanna just give her a big smooch!? 
I'm going to try the lemon and salt technique to shine her up.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions, or any brass pets of your own.
Tiffany Leigh
ps. Thank you all for your congratulations yesterday! You are the best!

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