Bali beauty

As a teenager, one of my prized items of clothing was a white, oversized Stuart Membery shirt. Worn with leggings, slouchy boots and requisite bandana tied in my hair (did I mention it was the late 80's?) I was loving myself sick. As you do. Anyway, nowdays I'm still a massive Membery fan, and although my shirt is sadly no more - worn to death until it was beyond help - my focus has shifted to his stunning interiors and furniture collection.

After moving to Bali, he unleashed his creative talents on an old bungalow, and transformed it by blending the best of colonial plantation, Hamptons style and Caribbean cool into the perfect island getaway.....

all images courtesy Nick Leary/Vogue Living Australia

Couldn't love it any harder if I tried. For more of this beautiful home, and lots of other goodies, check out the latest Vogue Living Australia.

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