Take That West Elm

I love getting the West Elm catalogs in the mail.  So much inspiration and drool worthy stuff in there.  I was looking through one day and noticed these baskets.  

In the picture they have them holding plants.  Pretty neat idea I thought.  Seeing that they were $99.99 a piece, I moved on and didn't dwell on them too long.  We were in West Elm one day and they were on sale (don't remember how much) but I was still finding it hard to pay so much for a basket.  

I had seen something similar in Target also.  They were $39.99.  Not too bad, but still more than I wanted to spend.

Well guess what?  I found my basket in Target on clearance for $19.99.  I'm still debating what's going in it.  I was thinking a large plant like West Elm's picture or just some extra pillows and blankets instead of shoving them in the closet.  I love the pattern and woven texture.

Found any good deals lately?  Target has lots of good stuff on clearance right now.


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