Hermes School of Decorating, Part 2

Since the first post on The Hermès School of Decorating was such a surprise hit, I thought I'd try another. Orange is still making headlines as a colour (the effects of Pantone's Tangerine Tango prediction perhaps?), and in fact is starting to be recognised as a 'classic' for women's wardrobes, alongside white and black. (It always looks amazing with either one.)

Someone told me recently that the Preppy's answer to orange was coral, but I don't know. I still think orange has a lot of life (and style) left in it... I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to a long hot orange summer.

Hermès' new wallpaper range, which is inspired by its scarves. The collection includes ‘Bibliothèque’, a drawing of a collection of equestrian books, and 'Pêle-mêle', a panorama in which horses and Hermès family members are playfully depicted. “We wanted to offer the possibility of dressing your home with that same Hermès quality and style," says a Hermès spokesperson. I love the orange print (above), which seems to epitomise Hermès' quirky elegance. The papers landed in stores in June this year.

A splash of orange lifts this monochromatic interior. I'd love a Hermès blanket but they're $1600 here and our dogs would make them look like $1.60 blankets within a day. {Via Habitually Chic}

The office of Japanese interior decorator Yasumichi Morita. Such a beautiful backdrop. {Via The Selby}

More framed scarves. This trend of framing silk scarves seems to be coming back into interior fashion. It's a lovely idea. Hermès scarves are so expensive they're almost investment pieces. {Via Skona Hem}

Although this is perhaps taking the scarf-as-art thing a bit far... {source unknown}

This was cute: a classic Chanel No 5 bottle reimagined in orange for a watercolour. If only Chanel re-released it in this shade? {Via Habitually Chic}

Christian Louboutin's country house. Look at how he's even decorated the doors and chairs in Hermès orange. Some people might think this is too much, but I think it's beautiful. Although it only works because of the scale of the room. {Via German Architectural Digest February 2007}

Grace Coddington's new memoir, designed with an uplifting, slightly retro, Cecil Beatoneque-meets-Hermès shade. Out in November. (I've already put it on the Christmas Wish List.)

 David Hicks' books on decorating. David was a big fan of Hermès orange. I've been trying to find editions of these but without success. (Cheap editions, that is.) Will keep looking. I love the turquoise cover: David Hicks on Living With Taste. Makes me laugh every time I see it.

Here's a vintage copy in Kate Spade's SoHo New York store. It wasn't for sale. I asked. They use them as part of the merchandising. Very witty. Although I'm not sure if David would have approved... (He would have gone in and rearranged everything.)

A classic film poster in an unexpected shade. Funny Face, with Miss Audrey.

Sweet! Although if the bike was in orange, it would be even better. {Via Russian Vogue}

A cheery orange carousel in Lisbon Portugal. I have a thing for carousels. Love them. LOVE them. There are several in Paris, and they always make for beautiful photos. {Via This is Glamorous}

America's First Lady Michelle Obama publicising her kitchen garden book. Michelle's a fan of orange too. And not just in the garden. {Source forgotten; will find and credit}

More coral-red than orange, but I'll still take it! Love this. Imagine it on a beach somewhere? {Ditto source}

A vintage Dodge in just the right shade of Hermès orange, perfect to cruise the summer streets in. Love this dashboard. Weren't cars simpler back then? The bucket seat is cute too. Oh, for a car like this! This is a real beach car.

I found this on iTunes the other day while searching for Stevie Nick's songs. (I was having a Seventies moment.) Loved the cover. Although I'm not sure what the third song, 'Fertilizer', is about?

Loving this too. So fabulous. Orange trench. Orange boots. Orange handbag. Too much, do you think? Perhaps. But isn't it eye-catching? I could see this on the streets of New York this winter. It almost needs a shiny black vespa to complete the outfit. Wish I knew who designed this coat. The bag looks very Hermès-ish.

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