Vogue Living. Just Beautiful.

Isn't this beautiful? It's quite possibly the most beautiful cover of Vogue Living I've ever seen. If the frighteningly big 'Kitchens and Bathrooms' line wasn't there, it could be a magazine masterpiece.

It's the Sydney home of interior designer Cameron Kimber. This house was formerly a shoebox-sized, 1880 cottage tucked down a gritty, inner-city laneway. The original interior, according to Cameron, was "ugly, brown, plastic and hideous". A real 1970's mash-up.

Now look at it. Cameron has reconfigured the rooms and removed the dirty brown decor. Amazing what a switch of living spaces and a crisp, clean black and white palette can do.

Here are some more images, via Vogue Living and my archaic scanner. {Above 3 images via the lovely Bumble At Home blog. See link below}

Love the coco-cola coloured leather on the Louis XVI chairs. So modern. And the gilt frame. I do love a bit of Versailles-style gilt. Especially with black to temper it.

And the mahogany bureau that's been transformed with black lacquer. A huge expense, but look at the difference.

Love gingham and checks. They should have never gone out of interior design fashion. I suspect they're coming back in. (Just hoping out loud there.) On second thoughts, if they're in Cameron's house, they probably ARE back in interior design fashion.

Unfortunately, I can't go into detail on the furniture and changes Cameron has made as I'm a little behind deadline, but do look out for the Vogue Living on your newsstands. It's a beautiful issue this month.

Oh – Some more details of this interior can be found on the delightful Bumble At Home blog - here.

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