Navy and Cobalt: The Romance of Blue Hues

We continue to be enchanted by navy here in our house. We were both navy lovers when it came to fashion, with wardrobes saturated in blue hues, however it took us a long time to realise the colour translated well to interiors, too. Now, our bedroom and dressing room are as beautiful as a midnight sky over Paris, while our kitchen and sunroom have gone from black and white to black and blue.

I feel embarrassed posting photos of these spaces as the rooms are still works in progress (cheap lamps, no curtains, completely amateurish decoration!), and I don't want to bore you, so I'll leave a show-and-tell for another day.

For now l'll just post some truly beautiful (professionally decorated) rooms in these truly lovely hues. And some spectacular clothes, too. {Source of image above unknown}


Windsor Smith. 

Mary McDonald.

Pottery Barn.

Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren.

Jil Sander.

Morocco / Elle Decor

Robert Couturier / W Magazine.

Tessa Proudfoot.

The Queen Mother.

The Queen and Prince Philip.

Manolo Blahnik. 

{Source of portraits: Snowdon Blue exhibition and book.}

John Coote / Vogue Living.

Charlotte Casiraghi

Candice Bergen.

Greg Natale / Adore Magazine.

Couture Kaleidescope.

Kate Spade.

{Source unknown}

I don't know where these images have been collated from but I love the combination of gold and navy blue.

{Source unknown}

{Source unknown.}

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