My Office Space {in progress}

 So you might have heard me mention that my bedroom/living room also serves as my office space (and dressing area...but the closet is nowhere near presentable atm). Today, I thought I'd share with you the desk area as it is SO FAR. I am planning an amazing inspiration board but I've hit a delay on materials. Luckily I found an awesome etsy vendor who solved all my dilemmas, I just have to wait for the mail now, but more on that later.
The chair was a DIY I did before I blogged. It's covered in a navy and cream traditional toile.
The Calendar is a Barbie Fashion Calendar. Dug wayyyy back in the archives to find you this gem (my third post ever) on how this calendar can be used to make great art when the year is up. You should really check it out!
I love my lucite tray (HomeSense) which corrals all of my odds and ends.

If you're wondering where my desk sits in relation to the rest of the room, here:
 And yes I need some curtains, I know..I know.

When I'm not in bed blogging, I'm at the desk. Where do you blog?

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