I seriously think poofs (or poufs) are one of the most versatile small scale pieces one could own.
In general, they make a good foot rest, but in a pinch (at a party) they easily double as casual seating.
You could even  balance a tray on top and have it become a little side table.
It also makes a great bench at the end of the bed.
Cassandra LaValle via Rue Mag

^While I'm a huge fan of the Moroccan poof, I just can't get over the cozy texture of this knitted one. Used in the space above it feels warm yet industrial and masculine, but I also think it works great in  kids spaces.
In fact, I'm designing a floor plan for class right now in which I use two of these in a play area.
Knitted ones can be found at CB2
I know some people think poofs are overdone, but I think they are too versatile to give up just yet.
What do you think of poofs?
Would you go Moroccan or knitted?

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