Target's In My Pocket Again

Is it me or do you find yourself aimlessly wandering around Target?  I try to stick to my list but can't help myself and end up in the home section.all.the.time.  I was out one Saturday and noticed they had just marked a ton of stuff down.  Those little red stickers get my heart racing.  On one of the end caps was this cute little end table.  

I stuck it in the cart but was still a little apprehensive about buying it.  I made a couple more trips though the aisles before finally deciding that I would get it.  If I didn't love it when I got home, I could always return it.

It was coincidental that when I get home, the new West Elm catalog was in the mailbox.  After flipping through some pages, guess what I saw?  Almost the same table for a lot more money.

It almost made me feel better about my purchase.  Here's my table in the living room.

Not sure if I want to keep it the red or go dark like oil rubbed bronze or a lighter chrome.  I like red but it's a tad too bright for my liking.  The top is wood so it'll stay that way.  Any thoughts or ideas?


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