Art, Gallery, Or Mirrors?

When I started laying out the design for the living room, I thought I knew what I wanted.

I saw the living room in Emily Clark's house and a light went off.  I loved the large artwork behind the sofa.  That was the look I was going for.

As I started exploring more options, I saw more things I liked.

The photos in this space look great.  They are all the same size and shape and evenly spaced.  Not to mention how they float against the gray accent wall.

I came across this idea with the mirror behind the sofa but maybe it's a little too formal for my family. 

I've seen several variations of stacking floor mirrors vertically and I like it a lot.  It would be an impactful feature and cost effective too.

I think hubby likes this idea of putting more family photos up and arranging them randomly.

But I must say, I love the classic look of a sunburst mirror hanging above my head.

What's above your sofa?  So many ideas and I can't decide.  This wall needs to be covered pronto. 

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