Advent Calendar Day 11: Blue (The Colour for 2013?)

Some time ago I did a post on periwinkle blue. It received more hits that many of the other posts on this blog, apart, perhaps from the Anna Wintour one. (For the record, I like Anna.) Blue is clearly one of our favourite shades.

If you believe the rumours flying around the design world, Monaco Blue is being tipped to be the hot new hue for 2013. Predicted by Pantone to be a 'colour to watch' in the months to come, it is already being seen in fashion and interior collections. I know Pantone has recently nominated Emerald Green as the 'official' colour for 2013, but we've seen a lot of green this year, so my hunch is that one of Pantone's other favourites, blue, steals the colour show. There was already a lot of blue in Paris when I was there for work recently. Cornflower blue at Versailles (although it was always Marie Antoinette's favourite shade). Powder blue at Le Bon Marche. Denim blue in the Marais. China blue in the design stores of Rue de Furstemberg. And a delicate, gently-faded vintage linen blue in the fabric shops of Montmartre.

Here are some beautiful blues to inspire you all as the sun sinks shines over our perfect, porcelain-blue sky today. BTW, that gorgeous trend for blue patterns that resemble chinoiserie porcelain is still going strong in the fashion and design fields, despite having being around for a year or so. We just can't get enough of blue and white chinoiserie, it seems...

{Top image of Lacroix stilettos shot at Didier Ludot in Paris in October this year.}

A beautiful blue door in Paris. {Shot by me in October this year as I raced by to avoid a rainshower!}

The Hearst Pool, California. 
We saw this many years ago, but the intensity of the colour has never left my memory.

Daphne Guinness wearing blue Chanel in Tatler.

YSL's spectacular blue garden in Marrakech. {Via Elle Decor}. I'm dying to see this place.

The tropical blue skies over the Florida Keys. {Photographed on our last night in the US in May this year.}

The Blue Hour, Paris. {Photographed October last year.}

One of Collette Dinnigans's latest designs. It's a terrible scan from newsprint, but it's the most beautiful Chinoiserie-inspired ballgown.

Our new summer slipcovers, in royal blue pinstripes. This striped vintage French linen was picked up for an incredibly cheap price in The Cloth House in Soho, London, but I know Designer's Guild has a similar print.

Alannah Hill.

Kate Spade. Would love this bag for Christmas parties. 

BTW, we went to a Doggy Christmas Party last week in Como Park. Peter Alexander's dachshund Penny did the judging of the canine costumes. It was hilarious. But the interesting thing was, a lot of dogs were wearing blue...

Kate Spade. Coveting this too.

The Seine under a blue twilight sky, Paris. {Photographed last year}

The blue interior of Jamaica Inn, in Jamaica.

Have you noticed that Jamaica has suddenly come screaming back into travel fashion? I'm longing to visit the Blue Mountains of this beautiful country, and this gorgeous blue hotel too, especially since I've just read Daphne du Maurier's Jamaica Inn. Must see the film version by Alfred Hitchcock too...

Collette Dinnigan.

Manuel Canovas's 'Jardin Blue' wallpaper.

Manuel Canovas L'Isle Bleue linen fragrance, which apparently makes your room smell like "the isle of Capri, sumptuous verdant gardens and languid afternoons". I'll have some of that.

A window of the Lanvin store in Paris. {Photographed in October}

And the blue that started it all... Pantone's Monaco Blue: one of the hot tips for 2013.

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