Book Ledges

My son has been grabbing more books lately and I know it's because he can see the colorful covers.  He walks right over and picks one off the shelf...while hanging on to the bottom shelf I might add.  I'm just know he's going to rip it off the wall one day.  So glad I went with the Ikea book ledges in his nursery so the covers are facing forward.  I try to keep the books rotated so he's not always reading the same books.  We've also accumulated some that we keep downstairs.

The more I look at kid spaces, the more I notice people using these shelves.

I love this wall of books.

Another set that expands the whole wall.

I like this one too where the book are above the chair to create a reading area.  She actually built her own shelves!


I love this one.  The ledges are used in a nursery with a separate sleeping and play area.

These ledges are actually named picture ledges by Ikea, but they work so well for books as you can see.

What do you use to store books? 

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