Clark + Kensington and OPI

Guess what ladies!  You can now get your favorite nail color on your walls.  I was browsing the Ace Hardware website and stumbled on this info.  OPI has partnered with Clark + Kensington and it's exclusively at Ace Hardware.

I have a few favorites and wanted to share.

These I would definitely wear these colors on my hands.  I like reds and pinks on my nails so I'm not changing nail color every few days to match my outfit.

For the walls I would be more neutral.  This makes it easy to change up the look of your room with colorful accessories.

I love these two colors.  They would be great for accent walls or if you're bold enough, paint an entire room.

Go check out all the colors available here.  I haven't read any reviews on it so I'm wondering how true the colors are on the wall in comparison to the nail colors.

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