Hello Friend Party

I'm participating in Sassy Sites "Hello Friend Party".  It'll be fun getting to know some of my fellow bloggers and see what projects you have going on. 

Why did you decide to start blogging?  I started blogging because I was looking for decorating ideas for my new home and came across so many good decorating blogs.  I decided it would be a fun way for my friends and others to see what I was up to in my spare time. 

When you aren't blogging, what are you doing?  When I'm not blogging, I'm spending time with my husband and daughter, and of course decorating the house.

What is your blog about?  My blog is about me decorating my home and trying out as many DIY projects possible.

When do you find the time to blog?  I blog in the evening when my daughter has gone to bed and the chores are all done.  Ok, most of them are done.

Why do you love blogging?  I love blogging because it gives me a creative outlet.  I know my husband grows tired of me asking him decorating questions.  Blogging also lets me connect with others and see how they are decorating their spaces.

What is your favorite post so far that you've written?  My favorite post so far is a tour of the family room.  This is the space where my family and guests spend our time and I loved getting to invite readers into my home.

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