Stripe me lucky

Black and white is a classic combo that never goes out of fashion. Throw them together into a stripe, and it's even better. I've been seeing this pic all over the place lately, and it was love at first sight:

is this not the most gorgeous storefront ever? It belongs to designer Liz Caan. Perfection.

I love black and white awnings. So fresh, yet chic and classic at the same time. And how better to frame a lovely window, or door, than with one of these arrangements.

 Sibella Court's shop, The Society Inc. Love the green door too....and that it won't stay that way for long - she changes its colour often. Brilliant

 Nathan Turner is starring in my new fave show, Million Dollar Decorators. Of course we're late to the party here in Australia, but I don't care. Loving it sick.

 Double the good stuff. 

 Love the awning and the pooch

And best of all, it completes an Aussie beach house to perfection. 

So, are you a fan of black and white? Love it, or (heaven forbid!!) hate it?

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