Today is the first day without Picnik.  Yes, I know, sad isn't it?  I used it yesterday for the last time.  When I first heard it was going away, I kind of panicked.  It was the only editing tool I learned to use because it was so easy.  Hubby uses Photoshop but it seems a little more complicated with a whole lot of layers.  No thanks.  I'm sure it's easy when used frequently though.

I begin searching for other options that I could use instead of Picnik.  I saw several:

- Ribbet - claims to be the Picnik replacement but looks like invite only right now

I've played with each and there are some pros and cons to all.  The one I have used more and think I like better is PicMonkey.

It has a lot of features, although it's missing the collage feature that Picnik had.  You can do normal edits like crops and re-sizing but also there are several features like textures, effects, and touch ups that are pretty fun.  

Have you found your Picnik replacement?


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