Black is the new black

I love colour. I work with it every day, and choosing a favourite is like asking me to choose a favourite child. But equally, I'm drawn to the simplicity and calm of a simple black and white scheme. It's the perfect neutral backdrop to whatever colour takes your fancy, yet it can stand on its own. This place is one from the archives, but remains a firm favourite of mine.

 Don't you love the gate in the hedge? Hints at a secret garden beyond...

Straight to the new house folder with this one - how gorgeous is it? 

If only my studio looked this good....and this tidy

 Black framed shower screen?

Are you fans of black and white too, or is it bright colour all the way? I think I have a split decorating personality to be honest...

I have a big day ahead, with a year 12 formal on tonight. The preparation began weeks ago, and after a major hiccup in the outfit department (all sorted now, thank goodness), I've hit the ground running. Such an exciting part of the final year of school, but honestly, it's almost as big as a wedding nowdays. Wish me luck!

all images courtesy Schappacherwhite Architects

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