My Kitchen's Got The Blues

I've noticed in my search for dark kitchen inspiration, many of them had pops of color throughout.  Most of it was done with flowers, vases, or small counter top appliances.  I had these small flower pots from Ikea that were pretty boring.  Boring and beige.  I could add some small pops of color without buying anything.  Let's have a spray paint party.

 I grabbed some spray paint and tape.

I taped around the edges of the pots and stuffed in a grocery bag so I wouldn't paint inside them.

You can see I actually taped the line further down.  This way if I did want to plant something in it down the road, you will see blue instead of the beige.

There's a start right?  Since I had the spray paint in hand, I went ahead and painted this little guy in the family room too.  I never thought he was the right color blue...until now.

I'm still looking around trying to find something else to spray paint.

Don't you love what spray paint can do?

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