A Reader's Kitchen

I get emails all the time asking me about our kitchen.  Many of the questions include how long the process took or if the paint is still holding up.  I got an email from Katie back in February who was inspired by our kitchen.  She was going to use some of our kitchen ideas for her own.  I felt great knowing I was giving inspiration to others.  I answered her questions and told her I would love to see the finished product.

To my surprise Katie emailed me back and her kitchen looks great!

Here's the before.

And after!
It looks great right!  I had to do a double take at first because I thought I was looking at my own kitchen.

Painting the cabinets and adding a back splash changes to whole mood of the room.

Thanks Katie for sharing your kitchen!

Thanks to my readers for allowing me to share my ideas and be an inspiration to you!

If you have a project to share that was inspired by my blog, let me know.  I've love to see.

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